Monday, June 27, 2011

Morgan's Ghost

The Royal Gazette did an article on my exhibition which you can see here.

Just got back from a week in Florida - witnessed some awe-inspiring thunderstorms! Was wonderful to get away, now I'm back and ready to work again.

And here's another painting from my exhibition 'Morgan's Ghost'. This cloud formation is one that I see frequently hanging over the length of the island. 'Morgan's Ghost' is an old Bermudian name for this cloud shape. According to Wayne Little as quoted on Bermuda Footprints:

"...The local supporters of George Washington and his Continental Congress found a way to "trade" the British powder, stored near Tobacco Bay in St. George's, for food and supplies which were badly needed locally due to a British embargo of trade with America.

On a hot August night in 1775, Captain Morgan (not to be confused with Henry Morgan the pirate of the previous century) and his associates, using Morgan's ships the "Charleston and Savannah Packet" and "Lady Catherine" safely transported 100-odd barrels of stolen British gunpowder to George Washington which helped the American patriotic army win the Revolution.

A local resident, upon hearing afterward of the powder theft, proclaimed that it would be a dark cloud that would hang over Bermuda.

So, on hot summer days, when that dark cloud hangs over St. George's, oldtime Bermudians say it is Captain Morgan's ghost returning to haunt the scene of the crime, perhaps even to apologize...."

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Cloudscapes & Skylines, aka My First Ever Solo Exhibition

So my first ever sole exhibition is fast approaching, the opening will be on the 12th of June at the Dockyard Art Centre.

The theme, very obviously is 'Cloudscapes & Skylines' featuring my favourite will be great to see them all hung together. I haven't had a full exhibition since I left Stellenbosch in 2006, its so much better than having one or two together in a group exhibition. But also so much more nerve-wracking!

The paintings are all done, most of them are dry, they are cluttering up my living room (and hallways) and waiting to be wired. I've done the invites, now I just have to wait until I can take everything down and hang it the day before...