Thursday, October 29, 2009


This is my painting for the "Lines' exhibition that opens in Dockyard on Saturday... This is entitled 'Northshore Skyline' - I'm guessing they were thinking more of the ink 'line' variety but still - mine has clouds and a moon and some electrical lines in besides...what more could anyone possibly want?...

Bermuda Tattoo 2009

So the Bermuda Tattoo has been and gone in a blur of movement and the skirl of pipes! I was very proud to have been involved and very pleased with what my 20 dancers managed to achieve despite limited experience and difficulties with unsuitable music! I would do it again in a heart-beat (as long as I am allowed to get some sleep first).

The Us Army Drill Team were excellent and I loved the Scots Guards, I thought their musical piece was in a class of its own. My favourite act overall has to be the masses bands...the sound of all those pipes under the open air just awes something in me!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Gormless Girls

This is a page from a graphic novel I am thinking of working on from one of my short stories - a fairy tale/horror hybrid called The Gormless Girls and the Tower of Terror. I like the story but it might be too difficult to pull the reference material together... I haven't decided yet!

The story is about two rather dim-witted girls who just don't know how to be afraid. They leave their home on a quest to rectify this 'short-coming' in themselves... Along the way they generally kick-butt fighting bandits, ghosts and demons etc. For some reason they are wearing highland dancing jig outfits which probably means I shouldn't be illustrating my own stories...

Little Red Riding Hood

An old idea intended for a chapter heading in a book... Been really busy lately with my dancers - the Bermuda Tattoo is next week and I have twenty-one dancers involved...I've enjoyed coming up with the choreography but the rehearsals have been stressful! A full week of dancing next week and then I can concentrate on other things again!