Wednesday, December 2, 2009

New Watercolour and Pencil Painting

My latest burnt offering... I can't decide what I think of this. I wanted to do something for the new 'Small Works' exhibition (this is small - about 10cm by 15cm) that was more colourful and I really felt like taking a break from oils. I can't decide whether it works as a painting, or whether this would work better as an illustration style I should try and develope... arg.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Royal Visit

I went to see the Queen Elizabeth the II and the Duke of Edinburgh at Dockyard this afternoon... here she is just after getting off the ferry. The weather is so beautiful today - not bad for November in the Northern hemisphere, I bet the Queen wishes she could stay here in Bermuda a bit longer!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

New Cloud Painting

A new painting - my house is the one of the right. I painted as if I was standing on the road looking back over the brow of the hill, over Harrington Sound, and over the skyline of the hills of the island on the other side (the sound is a lagoon). Makes me appreciate how tiny Bermuda is, and how little land there actually is....

Enjoyed doing this painting, its one of my favourites for a while (probably because its of my home!) but I'm really depressed at the moment...can't seem to shake it. Partly homesickness, partly frustration with the lack of progression my illustration career, I think. Every time I get a decent job I think 'this is it' and do it, enjoy it, get good feedback from the publisher and then nothing again for weeks. I know there's a recession on but still... nothing seems to be going according to plan and I just keep getting older.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Children's portrait

Finally finished with the two little girls' portraits!! I like this one much better than the first, the size the colour scheme - everything!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009


This is my painting for the "Lines' exhibition that opens in Dockyard on Saturday... This is entitled 'Northshore Skyline' - I'm guessing they were thinking more of the ink 'line' variety but still - mine has clouds and a moon and some electrical lines in besides...what more could anyone possibly want?...

Bermuda Tattoo 2009

So the Bermuda Tattoo has been and gone in a blur of movement and the skirl of pipes! I was very proud to have been involved and very pleased with what my 20 dancers managed to achieve despite limited experience and difficulties with unsuitable music! I would do it again in a heart-beat (as long as I am allowed to get some sleep first).

The Us Army Drill Team were excellent and I loved the Scots Guards, I thought their musical piece was in a class of its own. My favourite act overall has to be the masses bands...the sound of all those pipes under the open air just awes something in me!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Gormless Girls

This is a page from a graphic novel I am thinking of working on from one of my short stories - a fairy tale/horror hybrid called The Gormless Girls and the Tower of Terror. I like the story but it might be too difficult to pull the reference material together... I haven't decided yet!

The story is about two rather dim-witted girls who just don't know how to be afraid. They leave their home on a quest to rectify this 'short-coming' in themselves... Along the way they generally kick-butt fighting bandits, ghosts and demons etc. For some reason they are wearing highland dancing jig outfits which probably means I shouldn't be illustrating my own stories...

Little Red Riding Hood

An old idea intended for a chapter heading in a book... Been really busy lately with my dancers - the Bermuda Tattoo is next week and I have twenty-one dancers involved...I've enjoyed coming up with the choreography but the rehearsals have been stressful! A full week of dancing next week and then I can concentrate on other things again!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Highland in Bermuda

This is the image for a flyer I made to advertise the new St Georges Highland Dancing class. (that starts next Tuesday). I'm not overly enamoured with our official 'title'... but anyway.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

New Illustration and Busyness

A new illustration for a short story named 'A Judgement of Swords and Souls' by Saladin Ahmedin in Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show issue 14...

Sorry I have n't posted for so long but life has been exceptionally busy. We've had visitors, I've been working on art for two books for MML, I helped out at a three week ballet workshop here in Bermuda with the Bermuda National Dance Foundation and American Ballet Theatre. Also my husband's contract is coming to an end at the end of October... at this point we still don't know whether we are staying on in Bermuda, going somewhere new or making tracks back home... there are pros and cons to all three solutions... and needless to say it adding a extra degree of excitement to my life! I'm also busy choreograohing highland dancing for the upcoming Bermuda Tattoo, which is very exciting. The first performance is on the 22nd of October so there isn't much time and the kids need to start rehearsing tomorrow...

I've got lots of art on my desk that I should be able to post soonish. But for next week my mission in life is to finish the design of my website...

Sunday, July 26, 2009


This is a piece of a portrait I did of two little girls who live here in Bermuda... This is painted traditionally in oils.

Haven't done a lot of new work lately - been very busy with highland dancing. I am also busy designing a website for my art that should be ready ...soonish as in the next month or two! (I hope)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

New Painting

This is my last black and white painting for a while...just a wee one. After this no more exhibitions till August which in a way will be a relief becasue I've done an awful lot in the last six months or so! Time to focus on something else - illustrations or perfume, or writing! I'm currently busy with a portrait of two children which I will post eventually, so I'll have to think of something else to keep me busy after that...

The title of this painting is Inland From Crawl Harbour I and II, and it is exactly what it says. I enjoy the electrial wires especially.

My First Perfume

This is my first finished, wearable perfume! As yet unnamed...its warm and fruity, blended in baobab oil. Its has topnotes of sweet orange and grapefruit and the heart is the very South African buchu. It sits on a warm base of oakmoss, sandalwood and labdanum... The baobab oil makes the perfume look very yellow and I think it looks beautiful....

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Mangrove Bay I, II, III

And here's the last three little ones for Dockyard... these are pretty small, about 12 inches square each (small for me, anyway!). Going to have a busy day tomorrow, packing to go home, taking these in, and dancing at the exhibition opening for 'Traditions' at Hamilton City Hall.

These were painted from the bridge just over from Mangrove Bay going towards Dockyard.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Gallery 400

These are new paintings - for Gallery 400 to be held at the City Hall exhibition space in Hamilton, celebrating 400 years of settlement in Bermuda, and for the Members Spring Show at the art centre at Dockyard (one each!)

They are something new for me - I've never painted landscape with this much detail before, usually I just focus on the skyline in silhouette. Can't make up my mind what I think! The one looks a bit like a scene from the Legend of Sleepy Hollow... Either way, one shows Flatts as you look across the inlet towards the aquarium, the other is the tree on Marsh Folly road. Both imagined as they would look during a midnight gale, of course!

Going home for two weeks soon! Can't wait to see South Africa again! I miss the mountains (and family obviously) so much!! Stopping off in New York to see 'Wicked' on Broadway...very exciting!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


New exhibition opening at the Dockyard gallery on Sunday. Have just finished my offering - entitled "#10 Over Bay Island" and #11 the same. I like splitting the canvas - it means I can paint as large as I liek without having to worry so much about transport (Dockyard is half an hour away on the bus, then half an hour on the ferry, on a different island!) The title of this exhibition is "Journeys"...hence I am exploring the positbilities of adding birds to my skyscapes, I quite like the idea acturially, adds movement.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New Year's Exhibition

Here' s a painting from the members' new year's show at the Art Centre at Royal Naval Dockyard. More silver linings, this time inspired by the islands off Elyham harbour.

Also my art was favourably reviewed in the local paper!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

SCBWI Winter Conference!

So I'm back from a hectic 3 days in New York - first time there, first time to the SCBWI (Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators) annual Winter Conference... It was all a bit overwhelming, I must admit, but very inspiring. I have much to chew over - I definatly need to get myself a 'proper' website, not just this blog (everyone kept asking for my online portfolio address, and it was quite embarrassing to admit that I didnt have one!). Another this is apparently everyone sends out postcards to publishers, rather than whole packets. This makes sense - they can decide whether they like your work or not in 3 seconds, but its another thing I didn't know .

Am a bit depressed about the quality of my colour work - WOW there were some amazing illusrtatiors out there! Think its time to focus a bit more on my black and white (Its always been my first love). Many people suggested to me that I should look into doign graphic novels for older children, which is also something I havent considered up till now, and I think I would quite enjoy.

So lots to be going on with and lots to do - a new exhibition coming up at the local gallery and I havent started building canvas yet...

New York was VERY cold...glad to be back in the warmth (relatively) of Bermuda, but next time I hope I get to see a bit more of what is an amazing city. I did squeeze in half an hour at the MET though - much to short a time but great regardless.