Wednesday, June 13, 2007

More mermaids

Here' s a first concept painting of the Little Mermaid... Hold thumbs I've sent it to the publisher.
Leaving for Natal tomorrow for a weeks hoilday! Hurray ... hoping to find some warmer weather - I'm freezing and it's suppossed to be raining again this afternoon :P

Monday, June 11, 2007

IN which the cold weather inspires a creative frenzy

I only wish it were true. :) Here is one of my illustrations for the latest edition of Baen's Universe. It was for a story called Touching the Dead, about a blind girl who sort of 'absorbed' the organic history of things through the sensitivity of her fingers.

I'm just adding the finishing touches to the first Little Mermaid painting, so I should be able to post that pretty soon. Otherwise I've been quite busy. Not much work in the offing - a small possiblibity of a cover for a fantasy book for a small press but I'm not betting on it as they have a strange system whereby different illurtators send their ideas to the publisher and then the author gets to pick the illustration they like best... All seems a little on the daft side but I guess that's life.

On the upside I've been sending my portfolio to a couple of art agencies in London and a couple of them have expressed what can only be described as cautious interest. This is enough to send me jumping for joy, nonetheless. So everybody hold thumbs for me.