Friday, May 18, 2007

IN which there are cold underwater creatures

The last couple of weeks have been really busy - I finished the two paintings that are to appear in the next Baen's Universe, and now I'm working on an illustrated fairy tale that I'm hoping I might be able to shop to a publisher ...after a lot of thought I've settled on The Little Mermaid by Hans Christain Andersen. It's a story I've always liked and I feel I might be able to do a nice adaptation of it as well.

My friend Antoinette kindly agreed to be my mermaid.This is very very nice of her considering this involved underwater photography in what felt like the sub-zero temporatures of my swimming pool... Next time I have bright ideas about mermaids I will take care to have them in the summer... Still, I got some decent reference shots and here are some preliminary sketches. If anybody has any comments please let me know!